We got Harry on May 27th, and by the next day, he was dying.

He wasn’t eating. He wasn’t drinking. He wasn’t doing anything but coughing, gagging, and vomiting. We called BluePearl, an animal ER, and were told to bring him in immediately. They diagnosed him with severe infectious pneumonia,…

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Vote for Dru! And also watch all the other videos they’re also good but vote for Dru.

Dru for president

This is so nice. Thank you guys! I am very grateful!

Vote for Dru! If he wins the Andy Kaufman Award, he’s required to do oddball comedy right? No more puns, right? RIGHT?!?

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Such a memorable night. In watching it again, I noticed Robin Williams makes the third move in the scene painting and its perfect. I was obviously floored by seeing him, but I also had such respect for Bangs treating him like the 9th member of the group.

PS-My team missed the opportunity to perform with him by five minutes. Regrets. 

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To appreciate “King Lear”—or even “The Catcher in the Rye” or “The Fault in Our Stars”—only to the extent that the work functions as one’s mirror would make for a hopelessly reductive experience. But to reject any work because we feel that it does not reflect us in a shape that we can easily recognize—because it does not exempt us from the active exercise of imagination or the effortful summoning of empathy—is our own failure. It’s a failure that has been dispiritingly sanctioned by the rise of “relatable.” In creating a new word and embracing its self-involved implications, we have circumscribed our own critical capacities. That’s what sucks, not Shakespeare.

Rebecca Mead, The Scourge of “Relatability” in The New Yorker

This says everything there is to say about how to be a reader, an audience member, a consumer of any creative work. And I love it, love it, love it.

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The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the artist’s intention but in ourselves, that we are narcissists.

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Smash Mouth stops in the middle of All Star so they can sing happy birthday to Guy Fieri’s son who just turned 13.

This is the world we live in.

This makes sense, because Guy Fieri is the front man for Smash Mouth, right?

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I went to a concert headlined by Everclear and lived to tell the tale!

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“The town of Inarajan, located on the southwest coast of Guam with a population of 3,052, flicked her long red hair out her eyes and sighed. People were always telling her she was beautiful, but she just didn’t see it. She examined herself in the mirror carefully. What was so beautiful about large violet eyes, long slender limbs, and the ruins of several colonial Spanish forts? Certainly she was nowhere near as lovely as her friends Tumon, a tourist hub featuring over 20 large hotels and a Duty Free Shoppers Galleria, or Andrea, who wore a C-cup. Inarajan’s mother entered, her mouth tightened with disapproval. Inarajan’s mother did not understand her. It was as though they were from two different worlds: Inarajan was just a small coastal village, and her mother was an invasive species of brown tree snake from the Phillippines. “It’s time,” said her mother. “Must I?” said Inarajan. “You must,” said her mother. She hesitated, and Inarajan thought she might say something to comfort her, but her mother merely shook her head and decimated Guam’s indigenous bird population.”

The Wikipedia Entry For Guam, Retold As A YA Novel

I wrote this! Please click through and read the whole thing.

Melinda wrote this awesome piece for the Toast. I’ve seen it read aloud and it always killed, happy to say it translates BEAUTIFULLY to the page.

This is TBS (very funny). 

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It is both completely embarrassing and completely wonderful how prepared I was for this show. I bet it will be fun to listen to because it was so so fun to record!

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Hozier-“Take Me To Church”

That chorus is vintage Elton. AND I LOVE IT HOMIE.

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